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SalaamNewZ.com shares news,  views, paid ads and items of interest to the Muslim Community.
We are focused mostly on the DC, MD, VA area as we live here.
The site is maintained by a team led LaherJi who frequents Shirley Gate rd Masjid (www.IcnvT.com)  in Fairfax, VA.
Proceeds from ad and content featured here currently benefit programs at Shirley Gate esp the Leadership Academy
Please note that all the content here DOES NOT in every case reflect the opinion of  the Masjid nor is every item reviewed or approved or endorsed by Shirley Gate Rd Masjid and it’s Trustees.  
We are already aware that some of you may not approve of a few instances of content (e.g. for lenders, insurance, etc. ) posted here,  so please do not call us on this point.